Up to $2000 bonus for each account , each deposit can apply, start your trading now!

Application conditions bonus amount lots requirement
Each deposit can be applied 100% of the deposit amount 35% of the bonus amount

*For example: The customer's deposit amount is $1000. When applying for 100% bonus, the account will increase the credit by $1000.

*Each trading account can earn a maximum accumulated amount of $2000 bonus in the 100% bonus promotion. The deposit bonus can be up to US$10,000 if you are holding five trading accounts.

What is bonus? Who can apply for the bonus?

The bonus is a reward specially prepared by CWG for new and existing customers. During the promotion period, CWG customers can apply for 100% bonus for each deposit and the total amount of bonus is not more than 2,000 US dollars.

How to apply for 100% bonus?

You only need to check 100% of the bonus in the client zone when you make a deposit. The bonus will arrive in the account within one working day.

How long is the validity period of the bonus? If the bonus is divided into several times, how should the validity period to be calculated?

The validity period of the bonus is 90 days after the first issue of bonus. The trading time and number of lots are calculated from the time when the first bonus is received. All overdue bonus will be automatically deducted.

How to get all bonus after the trading is completed?

After the account trading meets the requirement, please contact our designated activity email: [email protected] through the account email within 30 days, and attach account number + bonus completion. CWG will review the trading account within 3 working days and transfer the bonus into the account balance and you can submit the transfer or withdraw at any time.

  • 1. This promotion is limited to Instant, Standard and Advanced Account types; multiple trading accounts under the same ID can participate at the same time, the bonus can be acquired with every deposit and trading account, and the total amount of bonus applications for each trading account is up to US$2,000;
  • 2. All eligible accounts can apply for the 100% welcome bonus for each deposit. Every bonus application is required to tick the 100% welcome bonus option when depositing. The bonus will be transferred to the application account in the form of CREDIT one working day after the deposit is successful;
  • 3. During the promotion, complete the following conditions, the bonus can be withdrawn at any time:
  • a. After completing 35% of the transaction volume of the applied bonus amount, the corresponding bonus can be converted into real funds;Example: Shawn applies the 100% welcome bonus for a deposit of US$200 and successfully receives a credit of US$200. Shawn needs to complete a transaction volume of 70 standard lots (US$200 bonus35%=70 standard lots), and the US$200 bonus will convert into real funds and can be withdrawn at any time;
  • b. Withdrawal application method: Within 30 days after completing the specified transaction volume, please use the account opening email to send the application to our designated email: [email protected], indicate the account detail and the completed transaction volume, CWG will verify it within three working days after receiving the application and CWG will convert the bonus into clients’ real fund accordingly;
  • 4. The validity period of this promotion is 90 days; the effective trading volume and bonus are valid for only 90 days which starts counting from the date of receiving your first bonus. After an expiration, all bonuses will be written off from the account.
  • 5. During the promotion, if the specified transaction volume is not completed, the welcome bonus can be used as margin for trading but unable to withdraw or bear the loss. The bonus will be written off when the equity of the account is less than 120% of the bonus amount;
  • a. Example: Shawn is having US$100 in the account balance, then deposited US$200 to the trading account and received the bonus of US$200. At this time, the trading account’s total equity is US$500 (account equity including real funds and bonus). During trading, if the account equity is less than US$240 (US$200 bonus * 120% = US$240), the bonus will be written off from the account.
  • 6. During the promotion, both profit and principal of the trading account can be withdrawn, but if the principal is withdrawn before the bonus is converted into real funds, the bonus will be written off from the account;
  • 7. During the promotion, if you need to cancel participation in the 100% welcome bonus promotion, please use the account opening email to send the application to our designated email: [email protected], indicate the account detail and cancel the promotion, CWG will verify the application and revoke all the bonuses accordingly within one working day after receiving your application, and the bonuses cannot be restored once revoked;
  • 8. The PAMM account cannot participate in this activity. If an account that has already applied for a bonus applies to join PAMM, the bonus will be withdrawn from the account;
  • 9. During the promotion, the calculation of trading volume is limited to foreign exchange, precious metal products and crude oil products, and the trading volume will not be calculated if the closing time of the order is within 3 minutes;
  • 10. If any form of hedging or arbitrage is carried out on the account participating in the promotion, CWG has the right to disqualify its qualification and profit;
  • 11. During the event, if participants engage in any violations, such as using accounts with the same IP address to trade simultaneously, or engaging in related party transactions using multiple accounts (including but not limited to CWG internal accounts, as well as accounts across different brokers) for arbitrage, malicious hedging, high-frequency trading arbitrage, quote delay arbitrage, or if more than 70% of trading volume in bonus accounts is concentrated on specific products or maintaining a fixed trading direction, CWG reserves the right to reject their participation in the event, cancel their eligibility, retract improper profits, and terminate the business relationship with the client.
  • 12. CWG reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the promotion or terminate the promotion at any time without any consent; this promotion is not applicable to residents of certain countries/regions, such as the United States, China, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, and Iran
  • 13. This promotion is held by CWG Markets (VFSC), and the final interpretation right belongs to CWG Markets (VFSC).

WARNING and please be advised:

It has come to our attention that a number of unauthorised firms /individuals have cloned our website content, logo and social media pages of CWG Markets Limited. Please be advised that these unauthorised firms have also been contacting consumers via various messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat.It should be noted that there is no connection whatsoever between the CWG Markets Limited, an authorised firm, and the unauthorised entities/ individuals that have cloned our details. If you’ve been scammed or contacted by an unauthorised firm / individuals – or a firm you suspect is not legitimate – you can report to us [email protected]

CFDs (Contract For Difference) are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your own risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure carefully.

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